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Our early stuff is very dear to us as we were able to work with my father Maurice Gibb. It shows our range and versatility that we feel was always inspired by him. Hence our name. M.E.G. are the initials of my father. Excited to have our past music available and to continue to make more for you all!

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Limited Gibb Collective Vinyl Now

During our M.E.G. Records move back to Nashville we came across a box we thought we lost. Inside were only 80 of the last Gibb Collective Vinyl!! They are going fast so if you want your copy make sure to get it now!

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We are M.E.G. Media

We are a media company believing in that whatever your brand is, you are the best representation of it. Be your brand. Be You.

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I have just received my Cd in the UK and I cannot believe how quickly it got here. I want to say a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is beautifully wrapped and I am touched that Samantha really did sign it. One never knows if you ask for such a thing as I did , if it will actually happen. Such thought has gone into this and I am so over the moon you wouldn’t believe. Thank you once again!

Anne x x